Our People

Kanthi Aneesh

Kanthi Aneesh – Deputy General Manager

Just as in a drama where people behind the curtain play as significant a role as those in front of it,  so also is it at our resorts. We have a small team of silent movers who, though invisible to most eyes, are the ones who go around making sure that you get all you deserve and more as a cherished guest – from great meals, clean linen, enjoyable activities and a lot in between and above.

Kanthi is a silent mover of the highest order. She is one of our oldest staff, having joined us shortly after our resort in Coorg opened its doors to guests in 1994. If anyone can give you an account of the resort’s turns and transformations over this vast period it is Kanthi.  She is in her element equally when furnishing you with the latest administrative statistics or regaling you with unusual and hilarious incidents from the resort’s early days. Her energy and enthusiasm seem to have no limits just as her eye for detail and trouble shooting abilities.

She hails from a middle class Coorg family. Her father worked in the plantation sector while her mother was a tailor. Kanthi proudly reveals that she continues being one to this day and is arguably one of Sidapur’s most reputed tailors of apparel for women and children. Could this good lady’s independence and zest for life have sparked a kindred fire in her daughter ?

Kanthi graduated with a degree in Commerce in 1991 from the Besant Women’s College in Mangalore and followed this up with a Masters from the University of Karnataka (distance education) after she joined the resort. An ardent go-getter who is constantly raising the bar on her own accomplishments, Kanthi has just obtained an MBA in Hotel and Tourism Management from the Indian Institute of Management through a distance learning course of two years duration.

Off-work, Kanthi shows other impressive sides to her oceanic personality. She is a devoted mother who tries to spend all the spare time she can get with her 12 year old son with whom she is not above playing a game of cricket whenever possible.

She has adopted two girls from economically backward families and takes care of their educational needs, having comprehended from her own life the priceless value of independence that  education can bestow.  It is her way of making the circle complete, a debt payment to her society for the rights and privileges that made her what she is.  It is a gesture that is as laudable as it is inspiring and gives us enormous pleasure to have someone of her mettle and vision with us.