Responsible Tourism


Enhancing the well-being of host communities

  • We will contribute towards improvement in education
  • We will contribute towards better health
  • We will contribute towards betterment of public utility
  • We will contribute towards improvement in housing
  • We will involve local communities in decisions that affect their lives


Contributing towards the revival of the traditional cultural heritage of the region

  • We will promote local cuisine
  • We will contribute towards restoration of local heritage
  • We will promote usage of local architecture & local raw material for construction
  • We will promote local arts & crafts and cultural programmes
  • We will build pride in the local community for their culture and heritage
Reviving Local Culture
Reviving local culture!

In keeping with our ‘Spirit of the land’ philosophy, all activities at our resorts are themed around the local culture and traditions. In addition, local artisans, performers and villagers are engaged to conduct activities to entertain and enlighten our guests.

Orange County is proud to be able to sustain these traditions by providing a platform for these native and regional artists, to perform and celebrate the art forms of their ancestors. For, we believe that it is of utmost importance that rural communities take pride in their culture.