Responsible Tourism


Restoring the natural ecological balance of the destination.

  • We will plant only local trees and plants within and in the neighborhood of resorts
  • We will promote only local fauna within and in the neighborhood of resorts
  • We will ensure that the landscaping emulates local terrain
  • We will participate and encourage re-forestation schemes and preservation/revival of local water bodies
  • We will promote usage of organic manure on the property
  • We will actively participate in local conservation programmes

Minimizing negative environmental impact

Water : We will minimize consumption. Recycle water and use appropriately

Energy : We will minimize energy consumption. Emphasize on usage of alternate energy sources

Sound Pollution : We will minimize noise levels within the property

Air Pollution: We will minimise air pollution

Light Pollution: We will optimise public lighting so as not to cause inconvenience to nocturnal wildlife

Plastics : We will aim at responsible use of plastics

Waste Management : We will minimize waste. Implement effective waste management systems

Paper : We will reduce use of paper in operations. Promote use of recycled, acid free or recyclable paper

Orange County Resort Environment


Goodness from waste!

The Environment is central to Orange County resorts, both in our guiding philosophy and in our day-to-day operations.

We are a waste conscious company, constantly striving to experiment and find novel methods to minimize the waste we generate. In this sphere, we have gained a significant measure of success, through early stage waste segregation, state-of-the-art Sewage Treatment Plants, Biogas Plants, Vermicompost, Piggery and more.

The segregated waste is sorted, removed and sold by locals who benefit from it economically as much as the resort does ecologically.