Our People

Johnny ‘Walker’ Joseph – Organic Farmer

With a name as unusual as this, you can be sure that Johnny is quite an unusual man. Unlike the others we have profiled here for you, your chances of running into Johnny during a short stay at our resort are slim. He is one of our many ‘behind- the- scenes’ workers; invisible, yet highly impactful!

Your only meetings with him are likely to come about through that glass of chilled organic sugarcane juice you will have for breakfast, which he cultivates, presses and delivers to the restaurants each morning. Or through some of the delicious milk sweets and cakes you may have for dessert after lunch or dinner made with farm fresh organic whole milk that he supplies to our resident Patissiers.

Johnny is almost like a member of our family. His parents came to work in the founding family’s plantations about sixty years ago from Kerala. He was born here with the rest of his siblings and while growing up, played childhood games and went fishing with some of the present directors of the resort. That’s how close he is to us! While in his teens he was bitten with wanderlust and left to try his hand at numerous vocations that included working in a factory, as a cleaner on a luxury bus that plied between Goa and Bombay and as a head load worker. His strong physique and supple hands disposed him naturally towards hard physical labor.

Farming was written into his genes and when he returned to join us in 2002, he was given a 5 acre plot of land adjoining the resort to develop. Upon this he started an integrated farm run along natural farming principles, not using harmful pesticides or fertilizers. It is truly a text book model! Today, the farm is a profitable one and supports a dairy, a piggery and brings forth produce that includes bananas, sugarcane, an assortment of seasonal fruits, vegetables and rice for the resorts three restaurants. Johnny renders another very valuable service to the resort. He manages segregation and recycling of our dry waste.

It is in large measure due to his proactive efforts and feedback from the field that we are constantly urged to seek new ways to improve waste management at our resorts.