Our People


Ganesh – Naturalist

How often do you encounter someone who has a live birdsong for a mobile ring tone? How much rarer to meet someone who can imitate bird calls and insect sounds so convincingly that you are hard pressed to tell the difference between original and copy? Meet Ganesh, our resident Naturalist.

Let him take you on a tour of our plantation animatedly explaining the hallmarks of Arabica and Robusta coffees, the subtle dynamics of pepper harvesting, the traces left by foraging wild elephants and boars, while, in between, calling out to a swallow in his own brand of bird language.

“Enchantment unlimited”, is how we would be prone to put it!

However, there is more to Ganesh than his unusual ability to mimic animals. Hailing from the local Aadi Karnataka Edakkai sect, he shares our love for the land, its people and culture. Ganesh went to school for a while until his deeply embedded nomadic instincts caused him to drop out. He joined us in 95, soon after we had started. His talents were obvious to us and he became Naturalist by default. We gave him all the support and training he required.

Some of our former guests who were professional birders and naturalists added to Ganesh’s store of knowledge. He learnt quickly, and not just about birds and trees! He has an innate gift for languages and speaks no less than six Indian tongues in addition to English.